Challenge 3 of prework as a UX / UI student at Ironhack Berlin

In this challenge, we should choose a type of audience and use a travel application, test it with our users and observe where they had problems. Choose the negative points of the experience, think and create a prototype with solutions to the problems.

User Type

I chose the young couple as my audience.

Young couple — 20–40 years old

You and your partner decide to go to a special place next summer. You realize you have both saved enough for the tickets and are planning to save as much…

Exercise 3 of prework as a UX / UI student at Ironhack Berlin

In this exercise the goal is:

Think about the 3 best and 3 worst user experiences you have ever had with a service or product, both physical and digital, and rank them. What did it make them so awesome (or terrible)?

3 Best Experience

1.Mini Manual Shredder

Images by

I really like to cook and this is a product that I like and it helps me a lot in my day to day. This product makes my life easier.

It is a practical three-blade mini manual shredder, which has a traction mechanism…

What is Wireframe?

The wireframe is a skeleton or a very primitive version of what a project will look like. The interface divisions are designed in sections and presented using geometric shapes and lines. Wireframes provide a simple visual representation of what the flow of the application or website you are creating will look like. The keyword here is simple; that is why wireframes must be done in black and white and in sufficient detail to be understood by another person, without diverting attention from the objective.

The challenge this time was to use reverse engineering to extract the wireframe from an app…

What is Figma?

Figma is a vector graphics editor and a primarily web-based prototyping tool, with additional offline features enabled by desktop applications for macOS and Windows. You can use it to do all kinds of graphic design work, from wireframe websites, mobile app interface design, prototyping designs, creating social media posts. Figma’s feature set focuses on use in the user interface and user experience design, with an emphasis on real-time collaboration.

In this exercise, the idea was to choose an application that I would like to work with, capture at least five screens, reproduce the screens using the Figma…

About Client

UrbanGo is a public transit and mapping startup based in Silicon Valley. Their goal is to solve the problems of urban mobility by offering the quickest and cheapest public and private transport routes to their users.


Although the current product of UrbanGo already solves some of the main problems of urban mobility, there is one pain point for many users: the different amount of public transport tickets the users have to purchase.

Design Thinking Methodology

Design Thinking is a protocol for solving complex problems and discovering new opportunities, by devising desirable solutions for clients/users.

The methodology uses 5 steps to create a solution:

Sketchnote is the technique of creating rich visual notes from a mixture of typography, calligraphy, geometric shapes, arrows, boxes and lines. Sketchnotes do not require special drawing skills, but they do require you to listen, visually synthesize and summarize ideas through writing, drawing and icons.

In this exercise, we had to perform two acts.

Act one

Select a TED Talk tagged in the category Interface Design and make visual notes while watching the video.

I chose the TED talk “Everything around you can become a computer” by Ivan Poupyrev. I watched the video twice to finish the Sketchnote. The first time I…

Daniele Okamura

Currently UX/UI Design student at Ironhack Berlin

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